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Ruby Rich reinvents both herself and her approach to film criticism, in a fascinating book that alternates autobiography and theory. She is wise and funny at the same time, never dogmatic, always allowing her discovery process to remain in clear view. -- Roger Ebert

This collection of writings by B. Ruby Rich is sure to become a classic. She has proven herself to be a courageous guide into the uncharted aesthetic and political territory and, in describing so eloquently what she finds there, she does what critics aspire to but rarely achieve: she both eductates and entertains. -- Sally Potter, director of the films Orlando and The Tango Lesson

This is a remarkable book. Rich has written a memoir that encourages the reader not only to see the original essays in a new context but also and especially to understand the development of an intellectual and politcal moment with all of its complications and personal investments. -- Judith Mayne, author of Directed by Dorothy Arzner

Rich has earned the right to reminisce about the feminist film movement because she has "been there," from Sundance to academic editorial boards, but has not camped permanently in any chic or safe spot. -- Linda Mizejewski, Womens Review of Books

Rich's 1986 article "Feminism and Sexuality in the Eighties" immediately went to the top of the charts, so to speak, as a powerful analysis of a complicated political, cultural, and theoretical scene. Rich originally called this article "From the Vagina to the Clitoris and Back," a title which editors replaced because it was supposedly too embarrassing to cite as a reference, even though this essay explores the many feminist contexts of such prudishness. -- Linda Mizejewski, Womens Review of Books

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